I AM PLEASED TO SHARE that as of 9 APR 2016, I have attended and completed the Level 2 Training offered by Christian Healing Ministries (CHM)!

Christian Healing Ministries is a School for Healing Prayer founded by Francis and Judith MacNutt in 1980 in response to a Francis' now-classic and best-selling book Healing that documented his personal journey to discover and re-introduce to the church Spirit-led and Spirit-filled prayers that lead to the healing of souls and bodies. While CHM humbly jokes, "Now, forget everything we've taught you because you don't know anything and you can't heal anybody - only Christ can do that", there is a profoundly transformative experience to be had in hearing from those who have had a front-row seat to God's healing miracles and to be permitted to minister beside them during the intensive, "For where two or more are gathered in My name, there I will be in the midst of them".