Below is some of the unsolicited encouragement Lance has been humbled and blessed to receive...
[Permission was granted to share these encouragements publicly. Testimonials edited only to ensure confidentiality. It is a violation of both law and the professional Code of Ethics for a Counselor to solicit endorsements from Clients.]


“Thank you for listening to me, understanding me, and challenging me. Thank you for equipping me with a toolbox full of resources at the ready to face the days that have been, as well as the days that are coming. Thank you for helping me heal. Thank you... just thank you."


“I really want to thank you for all the help you gave to me. Hands down you ask the best questions and that is what it took for me to be able to keep unwinding the ball of thread and discovering what I needed to look at”.


“I am taking a summer course called, “COUNSELING LIKE JESUS”. It is a basic class about the foundation of biblical counseling. The horror stories of some counseling situations that are being shared has me realize even more!!!!……how very thankful I am for You and my experience with you helping me!!!  THANK YOU!"


"I wanted to send a note to thank you for all your help on my journey so far. I've learned so much and also grown individually and in my faith. I'm still working on 100% trust in God but I'm trying. I will just keep letting Jesus be my gatekeeper and trust he knows what's best. 

  I don't want to say goodbye because if it is all right, I may want to check in down the road. I appreciate so much all you've done to help me to this point. You truly are a wonderful, gifted counselor. I'm not sure you hear that enough, so there you go :)"


“I cannot thank you enough for all that you did, and I am so grateful to God for your relationship with him that impacted me in the way it did and continues to, when I remember what you taught me and how you taught me. It brings tears to my eyes to look back and see all the good that has come from that decision to start getting counseled by you. Thank you for all your prayers and guidance."


"Thank you so much, Lance.  You have meant a great deal to me and I so appreciate your wise and comforting words.  Your demeanor and love of God show through in such a caring, unobtrusive way.  With only 2 appointments, you have shown me many things and guided me to see what's important in life and how to treasure memories with my parents.  God definitely played a hand in bringing you into my life, and I'm so appreciative."


"My wife and I wanted to send you an email to let you know that we're doing well and we're expecting a bundle of joy a few months from now!  I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that without your counseling, our marriage would most likely not be thriving like it is, and it's unlikely that we would be getting ready to bring our daughter into this world.  We will be forever grateful that you allowed God to speak truth and love through you and into our lives when we desperately needed to hear it.

We are now leading a missional community group through our church as well, so there are quite a few people that are being indirectly affected through your work with us.  God has certainly given you a great gift and we hope that He continues to bless and reward you and your family for your dedication and hard work.

This email is truly an inadequate expression of our appreciation, so let us know if there's anything you ever need us to do for you (like playing the star roles in your first television ad). ;-)"


“I just wanted to thank you for all the things you taught me and all that you did for me. I still pray about soul ties and "bring Jesus into" painful memories when they come up. I still think about and use a lot of the things we talked about when it came to my own sin and self…”


"I've been working with Lance for about 3 months now. He's helped provide tremendous clarity and insight for me in both my personal and business walks of life. His approach to counseling is centered around Christ in a refreshing and unique fashion. I have nothing but positive things to say, and continue to look forward to my sessions with him."


"I worked with Mr. Clark for about a period of two months as I was coping with loss and grief issues. Lance was very prompt to respond to my initial inquiries and remained very accessible for appointments and changes that I needed to make. He showed a natural disposition towards listening attentively and while he allowed for the sessions to go where I need it them to go he also kept a good sense of direction. His input was thoughtful, caring, and challenging. He appropriately uses timeless biblical principals as they are applicable to today's struggles in a away I could understand them. He details in writing clear boundaries and expectations of the counseling relationship ahead of time, and does enforce them. I appreciate having had access to his support and recommend his services to others."


[The following Client refers to Lance as "Dr." as a sign of respect. Some Clients choose to do that out of respect, appreciation, or because it is a cultural norm for them. Lance does not advertise as or refer to himself as "Dr." as that would be inaccurate and a violation of the Code of Ethics.]

I wanted to write this review as soon as possible so no one misses out on what God wants to give them through this counselor.

This is from 3 years of counseling with Dr. Lance Clark:

When I was first referred to Dr. Lance Clark from my mother via a friend of hers, I thought “He’s a man. I should be with a woman counselor,” and, “he’s not a substance abuse counselor. That’s who I should go to.” PLEASE READ THIS - Let me tell you - I was so wrong. For one, often in our pain and brokenness we don’t know what we need. God has better ideas haha

The ENTIRE TRAJECTORY OF MY LIFE CHANGED because of counseling with Dr. Lance Clark. I am so forever grateful that God brought me to counseling with this person. The professionalism I appreciate and the wisdom is something that changed my entire life. My view on life was flipped right side up. I went from a broken, confused, hurting, victim, fearful person to a woman in healing, pursuing a ministry degree on the other side of the country. I was afraid to live life, afraid to survive, not sure of my worth. Now I am still growing in that of course, but my knowledge and understanding of who God is and who God says I am is completely changed for the better. I have been to many counselors, therapists, psychiatrists etc. throughout my life. The sessions with Dr. Clark were by far the absolute best life changing ones.

I wasn’t told what to do exactly, just as God does, Dr. Lance guided me to the answer by pointing me to Jesus. This is just one example of the ways these sessions changed my life, namely by helping grow and deepen that relationship I have with Christ.

Dr. Clark helped me find freedom. Thanks to his own relationship with Christ, I have grown in my relationship with Christ and am forever changed and continually changed by Christ because this person chose to serve others by sharing the wisdom God is giving him. I know God is with this person. You’ll know as soon as you meet him. Trust me when I say - God will push you and grow you and remake you through these sessions with Dr. Lance Clark. All you need to do is to be willing to move when God calls you to move, and to take action in the tools for healing that you’ll be given. I believe from the deepest part of my soul, sincerely, that you will not regret seeing this counselor.

Btw I am taking 8 college courses right now, working part-time, and serving at my church and in building community. I still chose to write this whole thing because I can’t be the cause of anyone missing out on something God desperately wants for them - healing. Letting you know just one of the ways God is using Dr. Clark’s ministry to bless others is worth me taking the little/no time I have to tell you all of this.

Praying for everyone who reads this. With much love <3