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Licensed Counselors for the entire State of North Carolina [In-Person sessions & Telemental Health (Phone/Video)]

Since opening in 2013, folks have found their way to us seeking lasting psychological healing and on-going spiritual development

- and our TESTIMONIALS page gives witness to their relief and gratitude for having found us!

Clark Christian Counseling Cary

547 Keisler Drive, Suite 201, Cary, NC 27518

Clark Christian Counseling in Cary (very near Raleigh! - right down Route 1, Route 64/Tryon Road exit, across from WakeMed) is a Christian counseling practice dedicated to helping Individuals and Couples exercise their faith as they pursue peace, hope, transformation, and healing. 

(919) 812-7535

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Office is near:
Raleigh, NC & Cary, NC & Apex, NC
Morrisville, NC & Holly Springs, NC

Clark Christian Counseling at 543

543 Keisler Drive, Suite 201, Cary, NC 27518

Clark Christian Counseling at 543 in Cary provides Christian Counseling for the Greater Raleigh, NC area. Our licensed Christian counselors offer highly-trained, gifted, and compassionate counseling for Individuals and Couples.

(919) 812-7535

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Office is near:
Raleigh, NC & Cary, NC & Apex, NC
Morrisville, NC & Holly Springs, NC

Clark Christian Counseling Fuquay-Varina

320 N. Judd Parkway NE, Suite 226, Fuquay Varina, NC 27526

Clark Christian Counseling in Fuquay-Varina offers experienced, wise counseling and spiritual guidance for Individuals and Couples in the Greater Raleigh, NC area in Southern Wake and Harnett counties. Folks from Angier, Willow Spring, Holly Springs, Garner, Lillington, and even Fayetteville and the Southern Pines area utilize this office.

(919) 812-7535

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Office is near:
Angier, NC & Fuquay-Varina, NC
Holly Springs, NC & Willow Spring, NC

Clark Christian Counseling Goldsboro

1306-B Wayne Memorial Drive, Goldsboro, NC 27534

Clark Christian Counseling in Goldsboro offers counseling and biblical guidance for Goldsboro, NC and surrounding communities like Pikeville, Mount Olive, Wilson, and Kinston.

(919) 812-7535

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Office is near:
Goldsboro, NC & Pikeville, NC Mount Olive, NC & Wilson, NC & Kinston, NC

Why Choose Clark Christian Counseling?

Our Founder developed and trains all Staff in a unique counseling / therapy / ministry approach that blends Christian Counseling (Scripture, the Spirit, and proven therapeutic methods), Inner Healing Prayer approaches (Immanuel, MacNutt's Christian Healing Ministries, HeartSync), and Spiritual Transformation (Discipleship, Spiritual RESCUE) to achieve in-depth, lasting psychological healing and spiritual transformation. Not every Client needs all of the approaches, but many of our Clients tell us they have spent years searching for, or were in counseling hoping for, the kind of help we offer. [Visit the TESTIMONIALS page]

Our Christian Counselors are licensed professionals who receive on-going specialized training in integrating faith into their Masters'-level psychological training. They work with Individuals and Couples who seek guidance on and through issues such as anxiety, depression, and relationship struggles based on Biblical teachings, formative prayer, and insights from the field of research psychology.

Our Christian counseling provides an opportunity for folks to reconnect with, build, and exercise their faith while receiving professional care from a Counselor / Therapist committed to providing Biblically-based guidance. 

Benefits of Christian Counseling

How faith-based therapy can help you find healing and hope in your life!

Firstly, our Christian counselors provide therapy that is grounded in Biblical truth. This means that our Clients can expect their Therapist to approach their struggles from a faith-based perspective. For those who prioritize their relationship with God above all else, this can be incredibly comforting and reassuring.

Our Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors are committed to providing Biblically-based therapeutic services [and do so in easy-to-access office locations near you (our Company Owner has been very deliberate about choosing our office locations, LOL!)]. Additionally, our Therapists receive on-going specialized training from our Founder in what has long been called Spiritual Direction, more recently known as Discipleship or Spiritual Formation. As such, they are equipped to help you navigate difficult questions about faith, and find ways to help you incorporate spiritual practices into your daily life.

Another benefit of working with a Christian counselor is the sense of community that it provides. Many people feel isolated or alone in their struggles - by connecting with a Therapist who shares your beliefs and values, you feel understood and better supported in your journey towards healing.

Lastly, our Counselors offer hope for lasting change through an emphasis on transformation rooted in Christ. Our Clients can expect not only symptom relief, but - more importantly - long-term healing of the underlying issues at the heart of our problems, "No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind" (1 Corinthians 10:13)

At whichever of our Offices is located convenientally near you (Cary or Fuquay Varina for In-Personal appointments - or ANY location in North Carolina via Telemental Health), we provide professional guidance for Individuals and Couples seeking therapeutic services based on Biblical principles.

Common Issues Addressed in Christian Counseling:

As a Christian counseling practice, we are committed to providing support to individuals and couples facing a range of issues. Our experienced team of therapists offers a compassionate and understanding approach to help clients navigate some of life's most challenging experiences. Here are some of the most common issues addressed in our Christian counseling practice:


Depression can manifest in many ways, from low mood to severe clinical depression symptoms and even suicidal thoughts. Our therapists are well-equipped to support clients with depression, providing practical tools and guidance to help regain hope and a sense of purpose in life. We also offer a faith-based approach to counseling and draw on the power of prayer and scripture to provide comfort and healing.


Anxiety can manifest in a myriad of ways, from generalized worrying to specific phobias, OCD, and religious OCD (scrupulosity). Our therapists work with clients to identify the root causes of their anxiety and develop practical strategies to manage and reduce anxiety levels. Drawing on Christian principles, we provide a compassionate and understanding approach and work with clients to build trust and resilience.


Teens face unique challenges as they navigate complex relationships, school demands, and the pressures of self-discovery. We work with teens to develop healthy coping strategies, build self-esteem and identity in Christ and provide a safe and supportive environment in which to address issues such as depression and anxiety.

Emotional Struggles

We understand that life can bring challenges such as anger, sadness, loneliness, confusion, fear, lack of clarity, loss of hope, and worry that can leave individuals feeling overwhelmed and struggling to find solutions. Our therapists provide a safe space to explore emotions, build inner resilience and develop practical tools to manage and overcome these struggles.


Grief can be a difficult and isolating experience, particularly when it comes to the death of a loved one. We offer compassionate and understanding support for those who have lost a loved one and are struggling with grief. We aim to provide a safe space to process emotions and develop healthy coping mechanisms for the grieving process.

Marital Distress

a loving coupleMarital distress can take many forms, from communication issues to anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, and post-affair counseling. Our therapists work with couples to identify the root causes of marital distress and develop practical strategies to rebuild trust and intimacy in the relationship. We also offer a faith-based approach to counseling and draw on Christian principles to guide couples through the healing process.

Sexual Issues

Sexual issues can be challenging to address, particularly when it comes to sensitive topics such as porn addiction, extra-marital affairs, unsatisfying sexual intimacy or the impact of sexual trauma on marriage. Our therapists provide a safe and supportive environment in which to address these issues, drawing on Christian principles to build trust, compassion and understanding between partners.

Domestic Violence and Abusive Marriages

We understand that domestic violence and abusive marriages (Verbal, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial) can be particularly challenging to address, given the complex power dynamics involved. Our therapists approach each case with sensitivity and understanding and work with clients to develop practical and safe solutions to end the abuse.

Separating or Separated in Christian Marriage

Separation is a challenging time for any couple, particularly when faith is involved. Our therapists work with separating or separated couples to provide a supportive and understanding environment in which to address the challenges of the separation.

Healing from Divorce

Divorce can be a challenging and isolating experience, particularly when seeking healing and closure. Our therapists offer practical tools and guidance to support individuals in the process of healing from divorce, drawing on Christian principles to guide clients through this challenging time.

Childhood Wounds

Childhood wounds can take many forms, from wounds from parents or extended family to bullying, molestation, incest, various forms of abuse (physical, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual) and neglect, including emotional incest/enmeshment with Parent. Our therapists provide compassionate and understanding support to address these wounds, drawing on Christian principles to promote healing and inner resilience.

Dissociative Identity Disorder and Other Personality Disorders

Our therapists are equipped to support individuals with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and other personality disorders. We provide a compassionate and understanding approach, working with clients to develop toolkits to manage the symptoms of their diagnosis and build resilience and inner strength.

Masculine Heart Issues

For men struggling with issues of calling, vocation, identity, workaholism, and spiritual leadership, our therapists offer a supportive and understanding environment in which to explore these challenges and develop practical and meaningful steps toward growth.

Displacement After Major Life Events

Major life events, such as divorce, death, and empty nests, can leave individuals feeling disoriented and unmoored. Our therapists offer understanding support to help individuals navigate this difficult period of transition and find a new sense of purpose.

Church and Spiritual Abuse

Unfortunately, church and spiritual abuse can happen to anyone. Our team offers compassionate support and guidance for those who have experienced spiritual abuse, helping them to heal and find a new path towards spiritual wellness.

At our practice, we strive to offer the highest quality of care through a compassionate and understanding approach. Our team of experienced therapists is committed to helping clients achieve mental health and spiritual wellness, and we are here to provide support, guidance, and hope along the journey.

No matter what challenges you may be facing, know that you are not alone. Our Christian counseling practice is here to provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore, heal, and grow. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you on your journey toward wellness.

Testimonials From Past Clients:

Hear from those who have benefited from working with us - Christian Counselors near them

If you're considering Christian counseling, hearing from those who have experienced it firsthand can be one of the best ways to understand its benefits. Here are some testimonials from past clients who have worked with our licensed Christian counselors near them:

     “I cannot thank you enough for all that you did, and I am so grateful to God for your relationship with him that impacted me in the way it did   and continues to, when I remember what you taught me and how you taught me. It brings tears to my eyes to look back and see all the good that has come from that decision to start getting counseled by you. Thank you for all your prayers and guidance."

     "Dr. Clark helped me find freedom. Thanks to his own relationship with Christ, I have grown in my relationship with Christ and am forever changed and continually changed by Christ because this person chose to serve others by sharing the wisdom God is giving him. I know God is with this person. You’ll know as soon as you meet him. Trust me when I say - God will push you and grow you and remake you through these sessions with Dr. Lance Clark. All you need to do is to be willing to move when God calls you to move, and to take action in the tools for healing that you’ll be given. I believe from the deepest part of my soul, sincerely, that you will not regret seeing this counselor."

These are just two examples of how seeking the faith-based counseling services we offer helped others - and how healing is available for you as an individual and your family members or couples who might be struggling with similar issues. For more testimonials, please visit our TESTIMONIALS page 😊

Clark Christian Counseling provides a safe and supportive environment in which individuals, couples, and families can find hope and healing based on Biblical principles. We are licensed counselors / therapists near you who share your beliefs as Christians; you will receive compassionate care rooted in Biblical principles while receiving professional psychotherapeutic care.