Licensed Counselor - Christian Counseling Job


We are seeking the next special person to join our Team! Applicants MUST HAVE ACTIVE, NORTH CAROLINA-licensed credentials (or have applied and are awaiting their Licensure Application Approval): LCMHCA, LCMHC, or LMFT. Candidate's personal theoretic Counseling approach(es) must be harmonious with ours OR is eager and willing to learn our unique blend of counseling/healing approaches to implement in their professional calling.

  • # sessions per week negotiable
  • Session-fee rate negotiable
  • Owner/Provider-split negotiable
  • Various benefits available

We do Counseling differently than probably anywhere else you've heard of, experienced, or applied to. Similarly, your compensation package is informed by your personal desires and needs for your life. I doubt you'll find an Employer willing to be as flexible or generous in discussions as we are 

Please submit a Cover Letter stating your professional desires and aspirations and your personal theory of counseling. Please also include a current Resume. 

We look forward to hearing from you!