Our Counselors in Goldsboro are Supervised by Lance Clark, MA, LCMHC, BC-TMH, QS.

Lance has 16 years' Counseling experience, is credentialed as a Qualified Supervisor by the State of North Carolina's Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counseling Board, and has completed 75 Continuing Education Credits directly related to his role as Supervisor.

Lance is the Owner of Clark Christian Counseling, PLLC and serves as its Clinical Director.

Your case will be reviewed in-depth each week between Melissa and Lance.

Identifying issues, treatment planning, and suggested conversations and homework to assign will be discussed in detail.

Your Counselor will be freshly prepared for each new appointment you have with them!

Melissa Sugg, MS Candidate

    • Practicum Student, University of Mount Olive


    • Liberty University

  • GRIEFSHARE Facilitator


I am a North Carolina native, living in the same hometown I was born and raised. I am married to my wonderful husband of 21 years and we have two daughters, a son, and four grandchildren. I love to unwind by walking or finding a great book to read. Making my family a meal while sitting, talking, and laughing around the table means so much to me. It has been said that laughter is the best medicine, and I would have to agree. I love to take care of my family and friends in order to help them navigate life easier. 

When we look back on our lives, we see not only the mistakes we made but the way the Lord carried us through every circumstance. Even on days we fail Him, He never fails us. I have seen God’s grace and protection in my life, even when I felt unworthy of those things. After a challenging season, I can look back and see how incredibly God was with us in those hard times. We learn in God’s Word that things work together for the good of those who love Him. I began to see God working things together for His glory by leading me to attend college as a middle-aged adult who had never attended college. I am sure people wondered what I was thinking by embarking on such a journey, and at times, I asked myself the same question. However, I felt the Lord speaking to my heart to go.

My family and I experienced profound loss years ago, which lead me to the realization of why God was calling me in the direction of counseling.  It became clear then that I needed to help others who had experienced some of the same hurts we experienced. I long to help others journey through profound loss, trauma, depression, and anxiety. No one is exempt from needing someone else to walk alongside us and help us see things in a different light while redirecting us back to God. The reality of life is that we will all face heartache, and often, we want to isolate ourselves from others. While some alone time is good for healing, having someone to help us process our pain is sometimes necessary. As the Lord walks beside His children, I want to walk beside you on a healing journey. ​​​​​​​

I look forward to meeting you!


Melissa offers Individual and Marital Counseling.


Available in GOLDSBORO